Academic Journals

RoleName of Journal
Editorial BoardInternational Journal of Osteoarcheology
Reviewer / EditorEvolutionary and Population Genetic for Loop (Frontiers)
ReviewerSpringer Nature
ReviewerInternational Journal of Osteoarcheology
ReviewerBioarchaeology International
ReviewerAnnals of Human Biology
ReviewerJournal of Archaeological Science: Reports
ReviewerFrontiers in Genetics


Period of appointment Role
2017 – 2019Co-coordinator of Medical Humanities, SOH, NTU
2019 iGave Ambassador of SOH, NTU
2019 Co-coordinator, Undergraduate Admission, History, SOH, NTU
2020-2022Coordinator, Undergraduate Admission, History, SOH, NTU
2022Undergraduate Admission & Outreach, History, SOH, NTU
2019-2022Thesis Examiner, SOH, NTU
2019- PhD Candidate
2021- MA Candidate
2022-MA Candidate


Period of appointmentRole
2021Reviewer of the NTU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship 2020 (Humanities)
2019 – 2022Member of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC), Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Academic Community

Period of appointmentRole
2022Editorial Board, International Journal of Osteoarcheology
2019- presentReview editor for Evolutionary and Population Genetics for Loop, the open science research network powered by Frontiers
2019Conference organization: APPA Preparation Committee (Conference on Pan-Pacific Anthropocene (ConPPA)), Taipei, Taiwan (
2018Workshop organization: Anthropocene workshop, Taipei, Taiwan

Local Community Engagement

Period of appointmentRole
2020Providing positive recommendations and numerous support in the nomination process of Thow Kwang Industry Pte Ltd (Making of-fired pottery) as winner of NHB’S The Stewards Of Singapore’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Award.

Other community engagements

Charity Water: Join Ivy in solving the water crisis

Database Sharing

Database for Paleoparasitology
History of Singapore