Academic Journals

RoleName of Journal
Topic EditorEvolutionary and Population Genetics section, Full Landscape of Human Genomic Diversity and Its Impact on Precision Medicine, Frontiers in Genetics
Editorial BoardInternational Journal of Osteoarcheology
Editorial BoardFrontiers in Genetics, section Evolutionary and Population Genetics
ReviewerSpringer Nature
ReviewerInternational Journal of Osteoarcheology
ReviewerBioarchaeology International
ReviewerAnnals of Human Biology
ReviewerJournal of Archaeological Science: Reports
ReviewerFrontiers in Genetics


Period of appointment Role
2017 – 2019Co-coordinator of Medical Humanities, SOH, NTU
2019 iGave Ambassador of SOH, NTU
2019 Co-coordinator, Undergraduate Admission, History, SOH, NTU
2020-2022Coordinator, Undergraduate Admission, History, SOH, NTU
2022-2023Undergraduate DM Admission, History, SOH, NTU
2019-2022Thesis Examiner, SOH, NTU
2019- PhD Candidate
2021- MA Candidate
2022-MA Candidate


Period of appointmentRole
2021Reviewer of the NTU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship 2020 (Humanities)
2019 – 2023Member of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC), Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Academic Community

Period of appointmentRole
2022- presentEditorial Board, International Journal of Osteoarcheology
2019- presentFrontiers in Genetics, section Evolutionary and Population Genetics
2019Conference organization: APPA Preparation Committee (Conference on Pan-Pacific Anthropocene (ConPPA)), Taipei, Taiwan (
2018Workshop organization: Anthropocene workshop, Taipei, Taiwan

Local Community Engagement

Period of appointmentRole
2020Providing positive recommendations and numerous support in the nomination process of Thow Kwang Industry Pte Ltd (Making of-fired pottery) as winner of NHB’S The Stewards Of Singapore’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Award.

Other community engagements

Charity Water: Join Ivy in solving the water crisis

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Database for Paleoparasitology
History of Singapore